Pakistanis have long been among the world's biggest victims of terrorism, with only Iraq and Afghanistan suffering more fatalities in recent years. Mobeen spent three weeks on the frontline with Karachi police with a  squad that has become known as the 'Taliban Hunters,' - front line cops taking the fight to the Taliban. In the dead of night, these men carry out lightning raids on Taliban strongholds in Karachi, Pakistan’s commercial centre, where the terrorists now control entire districts. Bombings are a regular occurrence, financed through kidnappings, assassinations, drugs, gambling and even prostitution.

We are in a real war - a war we cannot afford to lose.”

On average, a cop is killed every 36-hours in Karachi. Sen. Superintendent Ijaz believes in answering fire with fire and says: “If they point a gun at me or my officers, do you expect me to offer them a Snickers bar?

We join The Taliban Hunters as they go into battle against their enemy.

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