This exclusive film highlights the rise of ISIS in Afghanistan at a time when the Taliban is in flux following the announcement of the death of its leader, Mullah Omar. With the black flag of ISIS rising over the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, the terror group is emerging as a new threat to the war ravaged country as it battles the Taliban for supremacy. 

We gain unprecedented access to ISIL, looking at their growing popularity, how it is making steady inroads into the country, and the threat it poses for the future of Afghanistan. We meet the leadership who are training children as young as five years old to fight and dedicate their lives to the ‘caliphate.’

Employing violence and brutality to impose it’s will, the group has stated how it has grand plans for the region, starting with uprooting the Taliban and the government of President Ashraf Ghani. We join government forces of the frontle against ISIS, who tell us why this enemy is like nothing they have faced before.

This film has won multiple awards, including two Emmy’s, a Peabody and three awards at the New York Film Festival.

You can watch the film here.