Afghanistan is the most heavily drone-bombed country in the world, with over 1,000 known to have hit targets in the last 5 years. Yet, there is no public record of when and where those strikes took place, or who they killed. More is understood of the USís secret drone campaigns in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia than about how drone use has evolved in Afghanistan. Even less is known of the psychological effects of the regular people living in the shadows of the drones.

There is no question that drones have become a very potent tool for the US in its fight against the Taliban. But, with the pull-out of the last troops and drones becoming an ever more important weapon in the on-going fighting we will ask the policy makers in Washington whether the use of such a tool, which has managed to alienate a large part of the population, is truly an effective strategy.

 Filmed in Nangarhar and Washington DC, this documentary exposes the reality of living under drones.