On the eve of the historic withdrawal from Afghanistan of most American, British and other NATO forces, Clover Films has gained unique access inside a Taliban stronghold just 60 miles from the capital Kabul.

Nagieb Khaja, who has reported from Afghanistan for ten years, makes a journey behind the Taliban frontlines to reveal a hidden and dangerous world. The remote and mountainous valley we enter is part of what the Taliban call the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Ė where once again the writ of the Taliban runs. We see how the Talibanís control over people is absolute, where guns take the place of toys and from where the Taliban are now targeting Kabul itself.

The Taliban have set up a shadow government and we meet the shadow Governor of the local district. He shows us the now deserted camps, that used to be commanded by US forces and the Afghan National Army (ANA); and we hear him mock what he sees as the cowardice of his enemy, who are now reduced to two small bases and restricted to rare sorties in large armed convoys. But despite this bravado, it becomes clear that the Taliban live under the constant fear of drone attacks.

Clover's documentary for BBC Panorama is now available online.