Whiskey In The Jar
It's said on the mainland of Ireland that to live on Tory Island, you have to be a little bit mad.

On the island of Tory, legend claims that there are fairies, leprechauns, wishing stones, interred Indian princesses and even a 'Cursing Stone' with deadly powers. Whiskey In The Jar is both enormous fun and informative; a one-hour documentary featuring the last king of Ireland and his loyal subjects, including the very mysterious Dougie the Dolphin!

Tory is the only place in Ireland allowed to appoint a sovereign, and King Patsy Dan Rodgers takes his duties not in the least bit serious – apart, that is, from his regal responsibility to ‘kiss every pretty young woman who arrives on the island’. He’s also head of the Tory School of Primitive Art: it all started as a bit of laugh, a bunch of locals painting the roughest of landscapes, and ended up with them exhibiting their work in the galleries of New York, London, Milan and elsewhere.

Now, the demon drink is, of course, banned on Tory Island. If you were to believe that, you might also believe that leprechauns have 17 feet and the world is flat.

One thing you might (or might not) believe in is the existence of a dolphin which has apparently adopted the island, and which locals believe will attract tourists in their thousands. Needless to say, the filmmakers go in search of ‘Dougie’, as he’s been named, only to discover that finding the Loch Ness Monster might have been easier.

Does Dougie exist, or are the islanders trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

Situated off Ireland’s north-west coast, buffeted by wild winds and enormous Atlantic waves, Tory Island has few visitors.

Directed by multi-award-winner Jamie Doran, this film captures the atmosphere of an Irish community that fought against forced evacuation, refusing to give up its home. Against all the elements in one of the wildest places on Earth, what is it that keeps a constant smile on their faces?


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